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FRESENIUS KABI Functional nutrition

FRESENIUS KABI   Functional nutrition
Brainxpert x 14 sachets   (2 SET)
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BRAINXPERT™ 腦智專™ 是創新的醫學活腦配方,含有包封式中鏈三酸甘油酯 (Encapsulated MCT) 。MCT 能轉化為酮,為大腦提供能量,改善記憶及認知能力1,2 更添加維他命B,有助維持神經系統傳遞功能。臨床實證 每日兩包BRAINXPERT™ 腦智專™ 醫學活腦配方,有助1,2:改善記性提升認字及語文能力思考更快捷同時處理多項工作1; Fortier, M., et al. A ketogenic drink improves brain energy and some measures of cognition in mild cognitive impai..
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* Free shipping if you choose any Calecan flavor and total 36 bottles or moreExcellent energy profileIncrease fat content as energy source (provide 42% energy) but fat is mainly comprised of healthy mono-unsaturated fatty acid (MUFA)Reduce carbohydrate as energy source (provide 35% energy) in order ..
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Fresubin® Hepa Drink 200ml X20
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Tailor made for the need of liver patients. Match with ESPEN (European Society for Clinical Nutrition & Metabolism) recommendation..
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High energy density (2.0 kcal/ml)Low protein (6 energy%) to slow down progression of CKDMicronutrient prole adapted to the needs of renal patients: Low in phosphorus, sodium and potassium, low in vitamin A and high in B-vitaminsExcellent fat composition: With EPA and DHA from sh oil, high in MUFA (2..
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RESOURCE® 2.0 Vanilla X 32 bottles
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RESOURCE® 2.0 is a high energy, high protein, nutritionally complete formula for the dietary management of conditions with increased nutritional needs.Energy: 2.0 kcal/mLOne bottle (200mL) provides: Protein: 18 g (18%) Carbohydrates: 42.8 g (43%) Fat: 17.4 g (39%)Suitable for lac..
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Supportan® Drink 200ml X4
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* Free shipping if you choose any Calecan flavor and total 24 bottles or moreSupportan® matches with ESPEN* food recommendation. Compared with other cancer nutrition products, Supportan® has unique low carbohydrate, high energy, high protein formula** to supplement for cancer patients nutr..
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Normal caloric (1kcal/ml), Fibre freeEasily absorbed hydrolysed whey protein (18.6 energy %), balanced oligopeptide compositionLow ratio of 6/3-fatty acids of 3.6:1 to promote anti-inammationFor patients with maldigestion or malabsorption because of chronic inammatory bowel disease, short bowel synd..
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