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Survimed® OPD Drink 200ml X24

Survimed® OPD Drink 200ml X24
Survimed® OPD Drink 200ml X24
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  • Normal caloric (1kcal/ml), Fibre free
  • Easily absorbed hydrolysed whey protein (18.6 energy %), balanced oligopeptide composition
  • Low ratio of 6/3-fatty acids of 3.6:1 to promote anti-inammation
  • For patients with maldigestion or malabsorption because of chronic inammatory bowel disease, short bowel syndrome, pancreatic in sufciency, chemotherapy/radiation-induced enteritis, after long-term total parenteral nutrition adaptation
Favor Vanilla
Suitable for Malabsorption
Recommend dosage Recommendation for supplementary nutrition 2-3 bottles (800-1200kcal)/day or complete nutrition 5 bottles (2000kcal)/day
Origin Germany
Packing specification
Capacity 200ml/bottle

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