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Fresubin® Protein Powder (7 cans)

Fresubin® Protein Powder (7 cans)
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Fresubin® Protein Powder (7 cans)
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  • Model: Fresubin-02
  • Normal caloric (1kcal/ml), Fibre free
  • Easily absorbed hydrolysed whey protein (18.6 energy %), balanced oligopeptide composition
  • Low ratio of 6/3-fatty acids of 3.6:1 to promote anti-inammation
  • For patients with maldigestion or malabsorption because of chronic inammatory bowel disease, short bowel syndrome, pancreatic in sufciency, chemotherapy/radiation-induced enteritis, after long-term total parenteral nutrition adaptation
Favor No colour No taste: It is suitable to add in various food and drink without affecting the original taste and texture
Suitable for If one cannot absorb enough protein in daily diet, one can easily have protein deficiency
Recommend dosage 1. One cup of protein powder (3 teaspoon weighs about 15g) contain 13.2g of protein which is more than the protein content of 2 eggs 2. Normal adult needs about 0.8g per kg of body weight daily. For example: A person with 65kg would need 48g of protein daily
Origin Germany
Packing specification
Capacity 300g

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