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Fresubin® Powder Fibre (7 cans)

Fresubin® Powder Fibre (7 cans)
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Fresubin® Powder Fibre (7 cans)
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Study shows that around one-fourth of patient in hospital and one-third of people in aged home may have risk of malnutrition1. Fresubin® Powder Fibre is complete balanced nutrition formula. One can contains all nutrients you need: carbohydrate, protein, fat, various minerals, trace elements and vitamins, giving you five benefits.

Protect heart

Excellent fatty acid combination can promote the health of heart and blood vessel

Favor Vanilla
Suitable for Elderly, Picky eater, People who are weak, lose appetite or in recovery, Patients, esp those with chronic disease, Patients before and after surgery
Recommend dosage For nutrition supplement, recommend to drink 600kcal per day, For complete nutrition, recommend to drink 1500kcal per day
Origin Germany
Packing specification
Capacity 500g

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